🚨 Support and service status¢

Service status & maintenance noticesΒΆ

Reincubate maintains a status page at status.reincubate.com. The status pages allows users to subscribe to updates. Updates are sent for any planned or emergency maintenance.

Direct supportΒΆ

Client support is available by email at ent-support@reincubate.com and via private Slack integration channels. Clients can contact the support team to arrange setup of the integration channel.

Reporting issuesΒΆ

When encountering issues with the API, it can speed resolution if the support team are informed of the X-RI-Build HTTP header received in the problem response. The X-RI-Build HTTP header looks like this:

X-RI-Build: 1.0-pre-ios9-395-g126226b; nj-api-7

When triaging issue reports, the support engineers will invariably ask for the curl commands that can be used to demonstrate replication of the issue, and for the server’s response.